A Thousand Times More…

May the LORD, the God of your fathers, multiply you
A THOUSAND TIMES MORE and bless you as he promised!

Deuteronomy 1:11

This is one of our favorite verses. It’s a strong & powerful promise of our future. God promises to make us A THOUSAND TIMES MORE than we already are. God promises that He’ll increase us above & beyond what we’re able to do through our natural efforts. He promises to make us A THOUSAND TIMES MORE than we’re able to personally achieve.

God wants us to be Supernatural in Him. He promises to add His ‘super efforts’ onto our ‘natural efforts’ to bring forth a ‘supernatural occurrence’ in our lives. He wants to increase us on top of our increase. He wants to increase us both from our ‘natural efforts’ as well as from His ‘super efforts’. He wants to leads us to a place of abundant increase in our lives.

Nothing is ever wasted in God. He gathers as much as we produce and then multiplies it A THOUSAND TIMES more. WOW!!! What a huge boost to life that is. We must be ready to receive the increase that’s heading for us right for us. Not a little increase… A THOUSAND TIMES MORE increase.

This week lets get ready for a huge boost to our future. Let’s allow this promise to invade every arena of our lives… spirit, soul & body. Let’s apply it to our finances, healing, prayer & relationships. Let’s come into agreement with God’s Word and believe for A THOUSAND TIMES MORE. Let’s present everything we do today to God and allow Him to multiply it to our future. He promise it’ll increase A THOUSAND TIMES MORE and we will be blessed.