“To the person who pleases Him, God gives WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND JOY”
Ecclesiastes 2:26a

Signposts are invaluable. On a journey they supply information, direction & distance to a given destinations. Without them we would easily become disorientated, lost or frustrated. WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND JOY are 3 signposts that we should recognize in our lives. When we see them, we know we’re on the right track. We know we are pleasing God.

Today’s verse reminds us that WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND JOY are beautiful belongings to have in our life. They are not earned, bartered or traded by God. He gives them to individuals that please Him. So, as we obediently pursue Him, study His Word, pray and seek his face, He says that they are ours. There is no doubt.

The disobedient, on the other hand, have a much harder life. They will always be gathering, heaping up and struggling in the natural. They will continually try to earn, barter & trade their way to a better life. Not so for the obedient ones who please Him. God promises that all that is gathered and heaped up by the disobedient will end up with the God pleasers. [Ecclesiastes 2:26b]

This week, let’s remember that our future is guaranteed. God has made WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND JOY available as signposts to the future for everyone who pleases Him. Everything that the disobedient have been gathering & heaping up is going to be given to us. This gift is going to follow the signpost of WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND JOY. These signposts lead directly to our future. As we remain faithful, God will pour out, and our future will be so much better than our past.