Your Peace…

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives”

John 14:27

Has someone ever left you a gift? They may have told you where it was or simply left it where they knew you’d find it. As soon as you discover the gift its ownership passes to you. It is now your belonging. It is now your possession. It’s value, worth & significance now belongs to you. You can choose to use it or to lose it.

Today’s verse is an exceptional one to ponder. Jesus has left PEACE for us as a gift. This PEACE isn’t just any PEACE; it’s His own personal PEACE. It’s the PEACE that exceeds anything we can understand. [Philippians 4:7]. It’s the PEACE that guards our hearts and minds [Philippians 4:7]. It’s not a PEACE that comes from our financial security or through a victorious fight; it is the PEACE that comes from Jesus alone.

We now own His PEACE; it is our legacy. When Jesus died & rose again He intentionally left it here for us and He doesn’t want it back. The world gives things & then wants them back but not Jesus. His PEACE cannot be taken from us by anyone or anything. So don’t live life agitated and disturbed. Don’t receive fear & intimidation. These things try to rob us of PEACE but they cannot have it unless we allow them.

This week, let’s be aware of the PEACE we’ve received from Jesus as our inheritance. He gave His life so that we could have it. Let’s not allow any situation, circumstance or distraction to steal this PEACE from us. The PEACE Jesus gave is vital for our survival in this world. That’s why we can never let it go. His PEACE is yours, walk in it from this day on!!!