Safe House…

“God ROARS from Zion, SHOUTS from Jerusalem.Earth and sky quake in terror.
But God is a SAFE HIDING PLACE, a granite SAFE HOUSE for the children of Israel.”

Joel 3:16

Do you remember the noise when the teacher would leave a classroom unsupervised? There was yelling, there was shouting, there was banging & screams. As soon as the teacher returned there was a hushed & quite atmosphere again as order was restored. What had been mayhem was soon bought back to calm.

Todays verse reminds us that an unruly classroom is a quiet place compared to the sound God can produce. God SHOUTS and ROARS with so much volume that the earth & sky quake in terror! There is so much sound coming from God that even the enemies voice is inaudible in comparison. This means that when we’re in God’s presence we can experience silence from the clamor & noise that the devil produces. In God’s presence we no longer hear everything the enemy is saying.

Even though God creates such great volume, He is our SAFE HIDING PLACE. Our verse says He’s a SAFE HOUSE for His children. He’s our place of safety & peace through each and every situation we face. God’s House is His church & it’s reserved for His children. There is a seat in God’s SAFE HOUSE for every believer; there’s a place there especially for you.

This week let’s get into the safest place that exists. Let’s get into God’s presence & into God’s House. As we run to Him, entering into His safety, the enemy’s noise is heard no more. What was mayhem in our lives will soon be calmed. What was lost will soon be restored. Our joy is to dwell in God’s SAFE HOUSE with you!