A Great Nation….

“I will make you into a GREAT NATION, and I will bless you with ABUNDANT INCREASE OF FAVORS;
I will make your name FAMOUS & DISTINGUISHED, and you will be a blessing”

Genesis 12:2

We each live in one of the greatest and most beautiful nations on the face of the Earth. No matter how great we think it is God is able to make it even greater & cause it to be even more blessed. So, even if we find ourselves in an inferior, chaotic or abused place, God can make it greater than it seems. He can cause it to be blessed beyond what we could ever imagine.

Today’s verse contains an exceptional promise from God. He says He’ll make us into something great; He’ll make us into a GREAT NATION and this is how He’ll do it. He’ll bless us with ABUNDANT INCREASE OF FAVORS. Not with singular favor but plural favors. Then He’ll add abundant increase to these favors. Think on that for a minute. We all love receiving favor but God says He’ll bless us with ABUNDANT INCREASE OF FAVORS – now that’s awesome!

Our verse goes on to say that God will make our name FAMOUS & DISTINGUISHED. Many people try to make their own name famous & distinguished but ultimately fail. God says He’ll do it instead. He’ll make us a GREAT NATION; He’ll make our name FAMOUS & DISTINGUISHED and He’ll ensure we’re so blessed that we’ll be able to give out abundantly to ensure others are blessed – WOW!!!

This week lets capture this promise in our spirit. Let’s allow God to perform His perfect work in us. Let’s allow Him to make us a GREAT NATION! Let’s allow Him to bring ABUNDANT INCREASE OF FAVORS! Let’s allow Him to make our name FAMOUS & DISTINGUISHED so that we can be Blessed to be a blessing.