Setting Sail…

“And a small rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot chooses to go, even though the winds are strong”
James 3:4

Ships are designed to be in, move in, and work in water. Ships can be huge and move about under their own power. But ships are still pushed around by the wind & waves. Even the greatest ships of our day must allow for wind & currents in their navigation or they’ll go off course, never reaching their destination.

Today’s verse reminds us that our lives are like ships that are pushed around by winds & currents. The good news is we have help. We have a pilot and His name is Jesus. He’ll guide & steer us into a great future. He’ll use every wind of life & resistance of circumstances to our benefit. He’ll steer us. He’ll perfect us. He’ll get us safely to our destination. But if we don’t yield to Him He cannot be our captain & pilot.

The strongest & most consistent wind that blows in life is the fierce wind of adversity. Adversity buffets & pushes us around. Adversity takes us in the wrong direction. When this wind blows we must remember that we have a pilot who’ll steers our lives to safety. Jesus is the captain who’ll adjust life’s rudder for the winds of adversity so we accomplish the direction He has set.

This week, let’s remember that Jesus is the pilot of our lives. No matter what circumstances we’re immersed in, what winds of adversity blow at us, He is able to steer & navigate us to our destination. Let’s allow Jesus to make the small shifts in our life that’ll result in the greatest outcomes ahead. With Jesus at the helm we are heading towards calm waters & a beautiful destination.