Cleansed To Whole…

“And He said unto him, Arise, go your way: your faith hath made you whole.”
Luke 17:19

Christmas is almost here. It’s the season of making a fresh commitment to having an attitude of gratitude. It’s the season to remember that nobody owes us anything & everything we have is a gift. Every time we receive kindness, time, support, love, anything… it’s a gift. A gift is simply everything that’s left someone’s life & entered ours. We should always return to say THANK YOU for every gift we receive!

In Luke 17 we discover 10 lepers who cried out to Jesus. All 10 became clean. However, only 1of them came back to Jesus and THANKED Him. The man who thanked Jesus not only received cleansing, he was also RESTORED and made WHOLE! As we take the time to return and say, “Thank you” we move from cleansed, to restored, to whole. It’s powerful to have a THANKFUL HEART!

Jesus gave everything so that we could be RESTORED and made WHOLE. Jesus wants us WHOLE Spirit, Soul and Body. Jesus wants us WHOLE in our mind, will & intellect. Jesus wants us WHOLE in our relationships & families. Don’t ever settle for less than all you can have in Jesus. Settle for RESTORED & WHOLE by having a THANKFUL HEART for every gift you receive.

This week let’s make a habit change. Let’s actively thank Jesus and all those who help us. Having a heart like this allows Jesus to move us from cleansed, to restored, to whole in every realm of our lives. Jesus gave us His all that we might receive His all & it’s only through thankfulness that we can open the door.

Merry Christmas Friends as we thank heaven for the greatest gift of all… Jesus!