Your Gift…

“So roll up your sleeves, put your mind in gear, be totally ready to receive the gift that’s coming when Jesus arrives
1Peter 1:13

Now, we all love receiving a gift. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, a wedding or a coming of age celebration… we love to get the gift. Now, think for a moment… What was the best gift you ever received? Whatever that gift is it’s going to pale into insignificance when compared to the gift that Jesus is bringing you.

Today’s verse is a reminder about what we must be doing to receive the greatest gift ever. As we patiently wait for Jesus’ arrival we should be busy doing these 3 important things…

1) Being Prepared = ‘Roll up our sleeves’

2) Being Focused = ‘Put our mind in gear’

3) Being Expectant = ‘Be totally ready to receive the gift’

Now, this may sound easy but so many things on Earth will try to fight them. They’ll try to rob us of the gift that is coming. Everything surrounding us craves our energy; our focus and they also want our reward. That’s because we’re in a fight, a war, but we have been equipped to win. We can fight with confidence to receive our gift from Jesus. We must simply be prepared, focused & expectant.

This week it’s time to get prepared, focused and expectant for what Jesus is about to do for you. Remember… Jesus is coming back real soon. Not only is He coming back, He’s bringing that gift for YOU!!! The best gift you’ve ever received. It’s a gift that’s worth preparing for. A gift that’ll turn up in the center of your world as soon as Jesus does! Are you ready to receive your gift from Jesus?