Promotion Comes…

“Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego, in the province of Babylon”
Daniel 3:30

This is a great ending to a very powerful Bible illustration. As we know King Nebuchadnezzar had placed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego into a fiery furnace to punish them. They met Jesus in the middle of that fire and they came out unscathed and with a mighty testimony! They went through an integrity test, then a belief test and finally through the test of fire. When they came out of that furnace they had received their promotion!

Today’s verse is the conclusion of a voyage to promotion. Sometimes in life the promotion process appears to be an endless and unfruitful time. A time when everything appears to be the opposite of what we’d expect. There can be lies told about us, beliefs shaken and then to top it off, being thrown into a fiery furnace. We think “This can’t be promotion,”. Then, through the flames, the fumes & the fire we see Jesus. He’s walking with us, bringing us to victory. Our promotion has arrived!

Each of us will go through the process of promotion in different seasons of life. With no smell of fire the 3 boys came out. When we’re rescued to our promotion the smell from the fires of adversity will not remain on us either. When Jesus brings us out of our fiery test, our past will not taint our promotion or our future.

This week let’s remember that Jesus is with us. In the same way He rescued these 3 boys and promoted them, God is with us & we’ll receive our promotion too. There will be no lingering scent from the tests, trials & temptations we’ve been through. Our promotion is the promise fulfilled, the evidence that Jesus is with us!