Strange Things…

“…He may do His work, His strange work, and bring to pass His act, His strange act.”
Isaiah 28:21

Have you ever tried to repack an item into the original box it came in? It’s almost impossible. The bits no longer fit in. Strange parts stick out where they shouldn’t. There’s extra packaging and it looks nothing like it originally did. We may as well give up. In a similar way, it’s also impossible for us to box God in any way, shape or form.

Today’s verse explains that God has a “work” and a “strange work”. God can bring to pass His “act” and His “strange act”. As we look back through the bible and our own lives, it seems the “strange acts” and “strange works” are often those that produced the biggest changes & the most fruit. We all know that God wants to prosper us… this is a “work” from God. But when it actually happens in our life it seems like a “strange work” because it happens in a way we’d never imagined.

Some of the circumstances we may be going through at the moment could be part of a “strange work” of God in our lives. God can be planning to bring forth a “strange act” in our future as we yield our will to Him. “Strange work” and “strange acts” are very powerful, life changing events. They are absolutely beyond what we could ever ask, think or imagine.

This week let’s get prepared for God’s “strange works” & “strange acts” in our lives. Let’s do all we can to fulfill the natural bits of our life and then let God put His “Super” on our “natural” causing His supernatural result. It’s time to open up our lives to receive the strange (unique) acts & works of God in every circumstance. Get ready… strange things are about to happen!