You Promised…

“God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent.”
Numbers 23:19

God is a Rock, a firm foundation for us to build our lives upon. Man can lie and repent but not our God. If God says something He will always do it. When He speaks something He will always make it good. Our strength & trust in God comes through this verse. We mustn’t look to man for answers but ALWAYS set our gaze, heart & desire on God. He will never fail us.

Today’s verse is a fundamental truth of the Bible. If this happened to be the only verse we had concerning God it would be more than enough for you and I to prosper and succeed in every area of life. It encapsulates both the character & nature of our creator leaving no question as to who & why He is.

Our God is stable in everything. There are no lies, only truth. He never does anything that needs Him to repent. God does exactly what He says He will do and if He makes a promise, He always keeps it. This is a contrast from how mankind has turned out. Nowadays it’s very difficult to know who is telling the truth and who is not. Who will do what they say and who will fail their promises? Life can be a minefield to navigate because of how dubious people have become.

This week let’s take God at His Word. Let’s start by remembering the promises that God has spoken personally to us, then write them down. Next speak them out. Declare & proclaim them knowing God’s character is that He will never fail us. Keep believing & speaking them until you see them. Our future will be immersed in God’s truth rather than fighting for survival in man’s lies.