The START of Success…

“You shall take this rod in your hand, with which you shall do the signs.”
Exodus 4:17

Up until now Moses had used his rod to work his trade as a Shepherd. He’d used it to rescue sheep. He’d used it to move them about. He’d used it to rest upon when he felt weary or to assist him in walking across rugged terrain. Suddenly, God gives it a new use. God uses it in a whole new way. A way Moses had never used the rod before!

Today’s verse reminds us how God can take a very simple thing, like Moses’s Rod, and do great things with it. God did things that Moses couldn’t have imagined. The insignificant thing in Moses hand produced the miraculous. What he’d previously used for labor & rest was now DESTINED to be used for God’s glory. It would change Moses’s future & the future of the Nation.

God wants us to take the tools & skills from our present and let Him transform their purpose into mighty SIGNS. Signs that show He alone is God. We must allow Him to use the tools & skills we have IN OUR HAND. We must do what He says & follow His ways. Then, what we previously employed for work or rest, God will use for so much mores. He’ll use it for the miraculous.

This week let’s make a resolution to allow God to use whatever is IN OUR HAND. Let’s allow Him to take the common, the ordinary, the everyday things we have and miraculous transform them into His SIGN & wonders. Simply release them in our heart to Him then follow His way of doing life with them. Before long they’ll be changing the future of generations & nations.