By Itself…

“For the word of the Lord is RIGHT; and all his works are done in TRUTH”
Psalms 33:4

Everybody likes to think they’re right. Everybody likes to think they are truthful. In life we quickly discover that everything is not exactly how we see it. Others people see & know different things to us. So no one is ever right or true in everything… no matter how hard they try.

Today’s verse reminds us of this powerful fact. The Word of the Lord is the only thing that is RIGHT. Not only is God’s Word RIGHT it has also been fully tested [Psalm 12:6]. When anything has gone through a punishing test we know we can trust it without hesitation. God’s Word has passed that test and it is proved RIGHT in everything.

Now, just as God’s Word is RIGHT, all of God’s works are done in TRUTH. This means that when it comes to the Works of God, nothing is hidden and nothing is misleading. Every part is done in truth. In other words when we do what God’s Word says, we’ll get exactly what God’s Word promises. Why? Because His Word is RIGHT and all His Works are TRUTH.

This week let’s accept this verse as a fact in our lives. Let’s trust God in our current season, on our current path, and during our current journey. Let’s trust Him continually in every arena of life. Let’s allow His Word and His Work to infuse every part of our day. This’ll lead us to a future that’s full of blessing & one where we’re empowered for victory!