Payday Is Coming…

“Good work will get you GOOD PAY from the Master, regardless of whether you are slave or free.”
Ephesians 6:8

Everybody loves payday! It’s the time when we get remunerated for the time & labor we’ve given. We get a pay, a supply that we can use to build our future. Everyone who works expects to get paid [1 Timothy 5:18]. It is right & Godly that they do. If someone doesn’t get paid they’ll often become very upset & disappointed.

Today’s verse reminds us that GOOD WORK brings GOOD PAY. The fantastic news is that when God is our master we’ll always get the BEST pay through serving Him, His leaders, His people and by living life His way. But the devil has a payday too. He pays those who do things his way. Those who live a greedy & selfish life the way they want.

The devils pay is everything we don’t need… debt, sickness, disease and brokenness. Many carry out his work never realizing he’ll be paying them bountifully in their future. We need to have great compassion for them because they have not yet had their eyes opened to the devils payday! Pray they will see it before eternity!

This week let’s KEEP DOING GOOD WORKS FOR THE LORD. Our payday is coming with GOOD PAY from our good master. So let’s not get tired in doing His good works [Galatians 6:9] because our reward is right before us. We’ll be eternally grateful that we kept going, kept doing, and kept moving forward when God’s payday arrives! We’ll be remunerated with all the good things we’ve desired. We’ll build a good future that’s overflowing with generosity.