Don’t Quit…

“Here’s the reward I have for every CONQUEROR, everyone who keeps at it, REFUSING to give up: You’ll RULE the nations”
Revelation 2:26

Every child has played “King of the Hill” at some time. It’s all about trying to stay on top of the hill while other players try to take your place. Everyone fights to become the new King of the Hill. The only ones who do become kings are those who conquer by refusing to give up.

Todays verse reminds us to keep going in the things of God and never give up! We must continually keep at it. We must continually refuse to give up. We must refuse to allow circumstances to stop us or even slow us down. We must develop an unstoppable momentum that’ll ensure we’re moving forward always. Never, ever giving up.

When we REFUSE to give up, we’ll conquer and receive a great reward… We’ll rule the nations! Now this isn’t a promise exclusively for the preachers or for certain ‘special’ Christians. It’s a promise that’s available for each & every CONQUEROR! God is no respecter of persons and gives all believers the opportunity to RULE and have authority over nations.

This week let’s remember that our reward comes through keeping at it & never giving up. All we have to do is keep moving forward in God’s will & His ways refusing to quit. We’ll conquer in both the big and small things in life. We’ll receive all of His promised rewards. This week… remember… DON’T QUIT!