“…Get out of your country and from your relatives, and come to a land that I will show you.”
Acts 7:3

Leaving something or somewhere can be one of the most challenging tests that people face. Change like this often causes uncertainty & uncertainty can open a door to fear and anxiety. When change happens we need an inner peace & that peace can only come from heaven.

Today’s verse records a conversation between God and a man named Abraham. God was leading Abraham to WALK BY FAITH. Abraham had to leave everything behind that was familiar, comfortable & reliable. God said he even needed to get out of his country and away from his current associations! Every weight that could possibly hold Abraham back needed to be gone.

Until Abraham did what God said he couldn’t move forward into his promise. As Abraham OBEYED he became free & received what God had for his future. It is exactly the same in our faith walk. Often everything we rely on, everything we find familiar & comfortable, must be surrendered before we can ENTER the personal promise God has for us.

This week let’s walk a little further by faith. Let’s rely wholly on Him and not on our familiar & our comfortable habits, people and places. Whatever we must leave will ultimately become insignificant in our future. Today let’s take some time to simply ask God to show us if there are things He wants us to surrender or separate from. As we obey Him we’ll soon discover His promise as we experience peace on our journey of faith.