Don’t Crumble…

“For no one can lay any FOUNDATION other than the one already laid, which is JESUS Christ.”
1 Corinthians 3:11

Every building has FOUNDATIONS designed to carry a specific load. If the foundation is overloaded it’ll ultimately fail, break down & destroy the whole building. This is why the foundations of large buildings take so long to construct. They need to be strong, sure & capable of carrying what is placed upon them.

Today’s verse reminds us that there is only one sure FOUNDATION that’ll carry the load of you and your family. Jesus is that FOUNDATION. He can support everything including our calling & our destiny. He’ll support the maximum load that we put on Him. No matter what burden, no matter what sorrow, no matter what fear… Jesus can carry & support it for us. He’ll never allow us to fail, break down or be destroyed.

Jesus is the only FOUNDATION suitable for us to build upon. His FOUNDATION will not crack and will never crumble. His FOUNDATION has already been laid and it’s ready to be built upon right now. Don’t build on anything lesser than Jesus. People, jobs & financial security are unable to hold us securely and will ultimately fail. Only Jesus can support & carry us faithfully into our future.

This week let’s build on the foundation of Jesus. He is more than able to carry every load & burden we have in life. Let’s take the heavy weights from our lives & lay them on the FOUNDATION that is JESUS Christ. Let allow Him to carry them for us. He is the only foundation that can securely support our future.