The Blessings Edge…

“Hallelujah! BLESSED man, BLESSED woman, who fear God, Who cherish and relish his commandments, their children robust on the earth, And the homes of the upright – how BLESSED! ”
Psalm 112:1-2

Most people desire to live a happy life… a life of Blessing. This type of life takes work. It involves change, growth & doing things differently. It requires us to be become overcomers in every situation. It necessitates that we connect & help other people whilst developing & growing ourselves.

Today’s verse explains how we can have happiness through a BLESSED life. We are BLESSED, as we fear God. Fear simply means expressing reverent worship to Him. This type of worship leads us directly towards a BLESSED life. It’s an opportunity that is given to each & every believer but few ever pursue it!

Next we are BLESSED as we take pleasure in, relish and delight in God’s way of doing things. We can become a BLESSED man & a BLESSED Woman, right here on earth simply by applying God’s Word to our lives. This causes our children to be healthy, vigorous, hearty and strong on this earth. What a magnificent promise this is for our families. God promises that the home of the upright is abundantly BLESSED beyond what we could ask or even think of. WOW!

This week let’s plot our course towards having a BLESSED life… a life of happiness. Let’s ensure we make time to reverentially worship God in & for everything. Let’s ensure we are living our lives His way, through His Word, rather than our own way. Let’s cherish & relish this lifestyle so that our children are robust, healthy & vigorous. This will lead all those who follow to live in homes that are abundant blessed and filled with overflowing happiness.