Genuine Nuggets…

“But test and prove ALL things until you can recognize what is GOOD; to that hold fast.”
1 Thessalonians 5:21

There are so many voices that speak in our world. In the course of our daily life we hear the voice of the media, opinions of other people, accusations and lies from the enemy, wrong thinking in our own head. In the midst of them all we hear the truth from the Holy Spirit.

Today’s verse reminds us not to take chances with the many ‘voices’ in our world. With all this noise and opinion battling to enter our ears, it’s absolutely necessary for us to test and prove ALL things. God’s word says test & prove “…ALL things…” not ‘some’ things, test and prove ALL things… then hold tight to the GOOD!

As Christians it is our duty to test all things with the Word of God. As we test things we’ll start to recognize what is GOOD and what is not! We then allow access to the GOOD and resist the bad. When we recognize something GOOD and prove it as GOOD we’re to hold fast to it… never letting it go! It is a gem, a NUGGET OF GOLD, and it’ll become something we can live life from.

This week let’s fill our lives with God’s proven nuggets. Let’s fill up with what the Word of God says is GOOD. Let’s get rid of the unproven & anything bad. This’ll help make room for all the new nuggets we mine by proving them both GOOD & true to God’s Word. Now, isn’t that the type of nugget we want to fill our lives with. The type that we do not want to let go!