Dreams Working…

“Dreams result from much WORK and a fool’s voice from many words.”
Ecclesiastes 5:3

The world is filled with talkers. Some people endlessly ramble on about their dream, never doing anything about it, just talking! They don’t do the hard WORK needed to make their dream a reality. They hope someone else will do it for them. These are the fools our bible talks about. No matter what our dream is we can only produce results through hard WORK.

This verse reminds us that when we WORK hard towards our dreams they’ll produce & please us. Every dream God places in our heart is unique & very precious. He placed it there for us to WORK on. The time to WORK on it is NOW! It’s time to make our dreams happen!

Every day God wants us to do something active & positive to grow our dream. It doesn’t matter if we do something major or minor as long as we’re doing something, every day, for the dream.

This week let’s do some work for our dream. Let’s become known for what we do rather than what we talk about doing. Preparation time is NEVER lost time so let’s get prepared. Maximize the precious resource of your time by investing some into your dream today!