I’m No Grasshopper…

There we saw the giants… and we were like grasshoppers IN OUR OWN SIGHT, and so we were in their sight
Numbers 13:33

12 spies went to check out their Land of Promise. They’d all come from the same nation; walked the same journey, were a part of God’s chosen people. They all saw the same giants. When the spies returned only 2 had a good report. 10 had a huge self-image problem. 10 saw themselves as insignificant grasshoppers and that’s how the enemy saw them too!

Today’s verse reminds us that it’s important how we see ourselves. Seeing ourselves God’s way [like Joshua and Caleb] ensures the enemy sees us as strong and mighty. We must choose to do this. WE ARE NOT GRASSHOPPER when we see ourselves as God sees us.

If all 12 spies had seen themselves God’s way the enemy would have fled the Promised Land. The whole nation could have moved in and enjoyed its spoils immediately. Instead everyone had to wander in the wilderness until they died. Then Joshua & Caleb led a new generation, who saw themselves as God saw them, into the land of promise.

This week we have an important decision to make. How do we see ourselves? Are we tiny grasshoppers or are we giant slayers? Giant slayers like David get their victory.  They know when they step up & step forward everything changes. Giant slayers allow nothing from the enemy to stop them. Today, decide to believe & see yourself like God does. You’re never a grasshopper; you were born a GIANT SLAYER.