Still That Storm…

“He hushes the STORM to a calm and to a gentle whisper, so that the waves of the sea are STILL”
Psalm 107:29

It seems like we hear storm warning more often than ever before. What used to simply be a rainy day is now a panic event. We’re told to prepare & expect the worst. In life we experience storms too. These storms will batter and surge against everything we know and believe. They often come suddenly & without any warning.

Today’s verse reminds us that God knows all about our storms and that He knows exactly how to calm them, keeping us safe. A storm never instantly change from fury to stillness, it always takes a process. God will firstly hush the storm to a calm, then down to a gentle whisper, and finally to stillness.

In life we must not allow ourselves to become storm chasers. If we follow the fury of every storm we’ll never ever have peace. But, as soon as we follow the calm & peace that God’s creates we enter the stillness & peace of His presence. This is a place where we can rest & refresh without the turmoil of the storm.

This week let’s get God’s stillness into our storms by following the peace that He’s created. Let’s allow him to lead us through the storm even when we don’t understand. Let’s simply choose peace over storm at every opportunity. Before long we’ll be looking over the calmed waters of life being so glad we did!