“REMEMBER his covenant forever – the commitment he made to a thousand generations”
1 Chronicles 16:15

It’s impossible to remember everything. Anything we forget is lost. The things we do remember are the things that fill our mind. When we study we commit to remembering what we must. When we need that information it’s in our minds and we can use it. So, what things should we be remembering?

Today’s verse says to fill our minds with and REMEMBER God’s Word. Our mind is to be overflowing with His covenant, which are His promises.  This is because God’s promises are eternal. They will exist forever, all throughout eternity. When we REMEMBER His eternal promises and speak of them we have God’s commitment, His undertaking, that they will be fulfilled in our life.

Our verse tells us that God has made this commitment to a thousand generations. That is over 20,000 years of commitment from God. It is a very long time. The exciting thing is we’re living in this 20,000 year time period. So God has committed to keeping His promises with us NOW! We simply need to do one thing… REMEMBER His covenant, His promises.

This week let’s actively REMEMBER God’s promises. Let allow them to work through our minds and come out of our mouth. Let begin to fill every area of our life with them. As we do this they’ll begin to release their eternal fruit into our lives. The promises God made us will soon be flourishing in our lives causing us to live a much better future than we could ever imagined.