The Best Day Ever…

“My tongue shall speak of your righteousness and of your praise all the day long”
Psalms 35:28

I can remember being constantly told in the playground by our teacher “It all seems fun until someone gets hurt.” I still recall all the fun that we had being peppered by the occasional pain when something did go wrong. Life so often reflects this!

Today’s verse gives us a lesson concerning our tongue. It reminds us of a powerful truth: Our tongue is the joystick of our day. That being so, we must become alert to the fact that unthinkingly we can say something that is going to produce the wrong result in our day.

Our tongue directs our day in the same way a conductor directs an orchestra. That’s why the book of Proverbs contains so many valuable lessons about our tongue. It continually reminds us of the tongue’s power and its weaknesses. Our tongue is able to say whatever we let it but, if we want the right results, we have to use it correctly.

This week let’s take the plunge by using our tongue to speak of God’s righteousness and His praise… all day long. As we do this we’ll find our days becoming filled with Him. This will lead to our life moving to a much better place… moving towards the best day ever!