“My eyes are on the faithful of the land, to dwell with me, he who walks in a perfect way, he will serve me”
Psalms 101:6

Shopping seems like a never-ending task. As we shop our eyes are constantly on the lookout for the best deal on what’s needed. We’re alert so we don’t miss out on anything. In the same way God’s eyes keep a lookout for the faithful of the land.

Todays verse delivers 2 powerful keys. The word “faithful” means “BUILDER UPPER & SUPPORTER.” So, those who build up and support other people catch God’s eyes. At this moment God is looking at us. At this moment we can catch the eyes of God. When we catch His eyes He wants to dwell with us.

The next the word “perfect” in our verse means “INTEGRITY & TRUTH.” As we walk in integrity & truth we are serving God. INTEGRITY & TRUTH comes from our hearts, rather than our actions. God is served when we extend our INTEGRITY & TRUTH to others.

This week let’s faithfully BUILD UP & SUPPORT each other. Let’s make sure we walk in INTEGRITY and TRUTH. Let’s remember that His eyes are watching us. Not only can we dwell with and serve Him but we can also enter a future that we never thought was possible.