Don’t Lose Heart…

“I promise that I’ll BLESS you with everything I have – BLESS and BLESS and BLESS!”
Hebrews 6:14

I remember as a child how long it seemed to take for my next birthday to arrive. As soon as one passed I was ready for the next one. They seemed an eternity apart. In reality, all I had to do was patiently wait and it would happen soon enough.

In today’s verse there’s a very powerful promise from God. A promise so important that God took an oath in His own name to secure it. God promises to BLESS us! He doesn’t want to simply BLESS us once, He wants to BLESS and BLESS and BLESS us again… WOW!

God’s intention is to BLESS us repeatedly & continually. He wants to BLESS us with everything He has. Just as Abraham needed to patiently wait to inherited his promise so to do we. We must always trust God, patiently believing that He wants us to be BLESSED and then BLESSED some more.

This week let’s get a hold of this powerful promise. Let’s not allow it to escape our mind. Even if we don’t think we’re being blessed let’s still remember this promise. Let’s patiently hold onto it like Abraham did. Let’s expect the same result that he got. As we hold onto this promise we’ll see powerful things happen ahead in life.