Buried Treasures…

“And very early on the FIRST day of the week, when the sun had risen, they went to the tomb.”
Mark 16:2

Have you ever been searching for a treasured thing? You know it’s buried under something, somewhere! You start by looking everywhere you know it should be. But you never get excited until you finally locate it.

In today’s verse people are on the hunt for something buried too! They were looking for Jesus. They needed to find Him. They were up very early, on the FIRST day of the week. They were up before the sun had even risen. They were enthusiastic! They were very keen to locate Jesus. So they PRIORITIZED Him and they found the treasure they were looking for.

Everyone’s life has dark places. Places that we never let anyone into… not even Jesus. The truth is that our freedom is found when Jesus enters & works in these hidden areas. All we have to do is PRIORITIZE Jesus, make Him FIRST, and He will get involved.

This week let’s meet with Jesus rather than hiding ourselves away. Let’s do it first & EARLY even if our situation seems very dark. Let Jesus know that we want Him involved in every part of our life even the dark & hidden areas.  Then, in the same way they found Jesus in their situation, we’ll find Jesus in ours too. He’ll light it up up and all the darkness will leave.