Bright Lights…

“God is LIGHT, pure LIGHT; there’s not a trace of darkness in him.”
1 John 1:5

It’s amazing how fast darkness disappears in the middle of the night when we switch on the LIGHT. Darkness goes instantly. One moment we were in blackness, the next moment we’re able to see everything in brilliant detail. The only difference was that LIGHT existence where it had not before.

Today’s verse reminds us that God is LIGHT. Whenever God is in a place, the devil cannot be there. LIGHT always expels darkness and light cannot be overcome by it. God is forever greater & victorious even when life seems dark God is LIGHT!

Our redeemed lives are to be full of God’s LIGHT and PURITY. As we allow God into every area of our lives… no darkness, through thought, word or deed, can exist there. The LIGHT of God expels them all. If any darkness tries to re-enter it will be forced out by God’s presence.

This week, let’s allow God’s LIGHT to shine through every part of our lives. There is no place too dark that He will shine brightly. Simply let LIGHT exists so that darkness cannot. Let’s live in the LIGHT, abide in the LIGHT and share the LIGHT so that our future is filled with LIGHT and not darkness.