New Year – New Start…

“In the beginning God…”
Genesis 1:1

Get ready for a Happy New!!! 2018 is about to end as we move into the New Year together. Most people are happily to move forward and put the old year behind them. Others find it a little more difficult.

Today’s verse reminds us that God wants us to keep moving forward in life. He wants us to have a forward focus as we let go of the past just like the Apostle Paul did. Our key to freedom is simply letting go of our yesterday so that it doesn’t affect our today. God’s mercy is new every morning. So, no matter what happened in 2018, we can find a fresh place, full of mercy, to kick off the New Year.

The first words of the Bible are “In the beginning God…” Whenever we give God top priority & ownership in the beginning of something, we’re assured He’ll cause us to reach our full potential no matter how many twists and turns we face along our journey.

So let’s start the New Year with God as our #1priority. Let’s remember to keep Him there through the whole year. Jesus has already gone into 2019 to prepare the way for us! God’s plan is to bring to pass His promises in our lives over the coming year. So let’s begin the year with Jesus, stay with Jesus and end it with Jesus.