About Your Future…

“…And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”
Micah 6:8

Many people find it difficult to discover exactly what God wants them to do in life. They’re constantly on the move looking for the next “big break” which they can fit themselves into. They continually feel lost & disorientated as they wander aimlessly through life. God does not want us to live this way!  

Today’s verse helps us easily discover God’s will for our lives. It gives us an easy principle that’s simple to apply. It involves the way we ACT, the way we LOVE and the way we WALK. These 3 simple things are what God ALWAYS requires of us. We are to ACT JUSTLY, LOVE MERCY & WALK HUMBLY.

These 3 things are never a “one time” event. God asks us to do them every moment, of every day through our entire life. They’re basically our obedience to His Word. We must stop trying to plan out every moment of our lives and start trusting God by walking humbly with Him.  Even when we don’t understand what’s happening God says we’re to ACT JUSTLY, LOVE MERCY & WALK HUMBLY.

This week let’s shake down our lives and get focused on what really matters. Let’s obediently apply these 3 simply keys to every area of our lives. Let’s ACT JUSTLY, LOVE MERCY & WALK HUMBLY.  As we decide to live our lives God’s way rather than our own He’ll open up our future, move worry & fear from us and ensure our tomorrow is so much better than our today.