Revelation Time…

“Ezra read from the Book of The Revelation of God each day, from the first to the last day…”
Nehemiah 8:18

When we get hungry our body starts yearning food. The longer we ignore this feeling the more our body craves nourishment. Some people may get the shakes; others get a little short in their temper. The fact is our bodies need food.

Today’s verse gives us a glimpse into the life of a priest named Ezra. His role was to spiritually feed God’s people. He distributed revelation from God’s Word to all the hungry masses. He does it faithfully from the 1stday to the last. This reminds us that it takes time to receive revelation from God’s Word. But, once received, we have solid steps to build our future upon.

In our busy culture we don’t always stop long enough to fully hunger for revelation from God. We often push down the desire & need that we have for it. The plain truth is that we must make time every day to get deeper into God’s Word so we learn more of His wisdom & love.

This week lets set aside a little extra time every day to hunger for revelation from God’s Word. Lets ensure we find some extra time every day from the 1st day to the last. As we faithfully do this we’ll quickly discover how much revelation and help God has for us. He will show us how to live a victorious & overcoming life.