Never Impossible…

But Jesus said, “You feed them…”
Luke 9:13

Jesus gives such clear instruction. In this instance the disciples were told to feed the 5000. They thought Jesus was asking them to do something impossible. In reality Jesus had told them to do something that was difficult but not impossible. Jesus never asks us to do anything that is impossible.

Today’s verse gave Jesus an opportunity to demonstrate exactly how to have victory over a difficult task. Jesus took what was available then He put His trust in heaven as His source by praying & commanding the Blessing on what was in his hand. The result was that the little He held was multiplied and became more than enough to complete the task. It was a difficult task but it was not impossible.

It is easy for us to feel challenged by God’s Word and what it tells us to do. The fact is it’s often difficult to obey but it is never impossible. We must simply do as Jesus did. We take what is available, put our trust in Him as our source, then pray & command the Blessing on what we have. He will then supply more than enough to fulfill it even though it seems difficult.

This week lets apply this truth to our lives. Lets actually believe what the Bible says and lets do it. Let’s do exactly as Jesus did so we can begin to see the miraculous take place. As we work His word His Word will work in our lives. In no time at all we’ll discover that nothing is impossible when we put our trust in God!