Get God’s Attention…

“There was a man in the city of Caesarea by the name of Cornelius… He and his family were good people and honored God. He gave much money to the people and prayed always to God.”
Acts 10:1-2

The bible tells us about a man named Cornelius. He was a good man who respected God & treated Him with honor. Cornelius was generous and always prayed. This caught God’s attention and God entered Cornelius’ family.

Today’s verse contains some powerful keys that will help us to catch God’s attention. Being good, honoring God, being generous & praying all attract God attention. For Cornelius it also brought the Apostle Peter into his home to release God’s power right into the middle of his situation. Doesn’t that sound amazing! 

Well it gets even better. When the angel of the Lord showed up to Cornelius in the vision [Acts 10:4], the angel told Cornelius that everything he was doing was coming up as a MEMORIAL before God. His obedience, his generosity, his prayers and his lifestyle came together releasing the power of God into his everyday situations and became a memorial.

This week lets become MEMORIAL builders before God. Let’s be good, stay obedience & extend our generosity, as we pray always just like Cornelius. Lets do it even when we don’t feel like doing it. This attracts God’s attention and releases His power into our world and it becomes a memorial before God.