My Friend Jesus…

Jesus said “You are my friends if you do what I tell you to do”
John 15:14

We all need friends. As life goes on we discover that keeping friends involves investment from both sides. Deposits of time, love, wisdom & understanding are just a few things that keep a relationship healthy. Making a choice not to invest in a friendships means that it will suffer and it won’t grow how it should.

Today’s verse reveals how easy it is to have Jesus as our friend. It’s simple, but it’s an often misunderstood truth. All we have to do is follow what Jesus tells us to do and he becomes our friend. Nothing more, nothing less, just follow Him. But when we disobey Jesus our friendship with Him always suffers. 

Jesus is always prepared to rebuild relationship from our broken pieces. As we make a deposit, by returning to the Bible & following Him, Jesus starts building the relationship again. Now, here’s the best part… Jesus’s friends are our friends too. There’s absolutely no reason for us ever to be lonely again. Jesus wants us all to get along by building great friendships with Him at the center of each one.

This week let’s build great relationships. If making friends seems difficult then pal up with Jesus first. He’ll ensure that our friendships are sorted out quickly. Life will then become easier, more productive and have greater pleasure than we could ever imagined.