Future Living…

 “Then, although your beginnings were small, your future will be VERY GREAT INDEED”
Job 8:7

Here we are at the beginning of the 2nd half of this year Even though the New Year seems only days ago, 6 months has actually passed. At the start of this year we encouraged everyone that “Jesus has already gone ahead of us into this year to prepare the way!” Now we are at the ½ way mark of the year.

Today’s verse becomes very timely for today. It says that this years beginning may seem small but the remainder is going to be VERY GREAT INDEED. Now that sounds awesome to me! Over the previous 6 months we saw God do some great, wonderful and mighty things for every one of us. Remember though, they’re small in comparison to what He wants to produce in the final portion of this year.

Jesus has gone before us and prepared 6 VERY GREAT months ahead. We must keep advancing, obeying Him and giving our lives to His purpose. As we do this we obtain a future that is VERY GREAT INDEED. It is available, so why not go get it?This week let’s not falter in our progress but lets’ apprehend our future instead. Let’s commit to staying tuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit, obedient to God’s Word and in love with the Father. The result will be that this year’s small beginnings will end up being VERY GREAT INDEED as the year draws to a close!