My House…

“…my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” 
Isaiah 56:7

We enjoy our house. It suits our family and people often visit and spend time with us. We made our house just the way we like it. Our house is well suited to our family and what we do. It is Glenn & Esther’s House.

Today’s verse lets us know that God has a house too. It is a house designed by God to function His way. It is a place where His family can come together. It is a dwelling place where His people want to be. It is God’s House. God’s house becomes a house of prayer when His people pray. 

Prayer should be the number one occurrence in His House. Without it God’s House would be just another place like a club or a cafe. It’s the prayer that makes it His house! As a part of God’s family we must set our sights on becoming a people of prayer by first becoming a person of prayer.

This week let’s build God’s House by taking our personal prayer life to a whole new level. As we become a person of prayer then His House will become a House of prayer. Prayer will help to strengthen & equip us to overcome the struggles we face in life. As we overcome we grow in God through our prayer.