A Time Of Change…

“I am the Lord, and I do not change”
Malachi 3:6

Everything changes! Change affects things we want it to as well as things we’d rather it didn’t. It does not matter if it’s a hairdo, car, house, friendship or a season everything changes. We must continually remind ourselves that change is a vital part of life.

Today’s verse reminds us that only one thing exists that will never change, and that is God. He is stable, unchanging and solid. He is the firm foundation for us to anchor our life to. God will not change in any way. If something is going to change it will be us, not Him.

People often find change difficult to navigate but it shouldn’t be. God’s Word tells us how to live and adapt to change. The simplest key to winning is for us to obey God’s Word no matter what! In times of change always remember that God’s Word is His Word is His Word! Stick with it and you’ll discover that His perfect plan will brilliantly come forth and everything will be OK because of it.

This week don’t let change intimidate you. Instead, open your Bible & anchor yourself to God’s Word. Let it change you. God will be there and before you know it things will be getting better. You will train yourself to like change instead of fearing it. Get ready for a powerful week ahead.