Preparation Time…

“In the last days,” God says “I’ll pour out of my Spirit upon all people”
Acts 2:17

Have you ever been out for a walk and been suddenly caught in a downpour? One minute you’re happily strolling along, the next you’re drenched from head to foot. The weather changed suddenly and you were caught unprepared.

Today’s verse tells us about a sudden change that God is planning. He’s about to gush, spill & pour out His Holy Spirit like never before. God’s been speaking about this for millennia and now it’s about to happen. It’s time to get prepared for a total drenching in His Holy Spirit.

What an exciting time this will be. God says He’ll do His part by pouring out the Holy Spirit and we do our part by being prepared to receive Him. Our sons and daughters prophesying, our young people seeing visions, and our older folk dreaming dreams. Everyone will be saturated. There’s an overflow of the Holy Spirit coming like never before!This week lets start preparing to be a vessel that can receive from this His great outpouring. Why not consider gathering friends around you and prepare for what’s ahead. Lets study our bibles, pray together and intimately know the Holy Spirit like never before. Let’s continue to prepare to receive until God releases His downpour on all people.