Fan The Flames…

“…I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you…”
1Timothy 1:6

When a fire is left unattended it will eventually die down to nothing but a few glowing embers. If we refuel and fan them, flames will quickly start to flicker and climb. Before long the fire will be ablaze again.

Today’s verse lets us know that this is how our God given spiritual gifts work. If we leave them unattended they will decrease & become nothing more than an ember of what they should be. People may notice them smoldering in us but are unable to see the raging beauty that they should be.

Just as a fire needs fuel, heat & oxygen to exist, our spiritual gifts need prayer, study and fellowship to burn brightly. As we diligently bring these 3 together the flames of our spiritual gifts begin to rise and gather strength. What is an ember today can be a flame tomorrow and a raging fire in our future.

This week let’s fan into flames the spiritual gifts that God has given us. Lets start praying over them, studying God’s Word and fellowshipping with other Christians who think the way we think. This will cause even the smallest dying ember of our spiritual gifts to flicker and come to life in a short time. Lets not stop when we see the first sign of flame but lets keep praying, studying and fellowshipping until our spiritual gifts are a raging fire that no man can stop.