The Road Ahead…

“The Lord reigns for ever and ever”
Exodus 15:18

Have you ever driven on a road that looks like it goes on forever? Each time we turn a curve we discover that the road continues further, disappearing into the far distant horizon.

Today’s verse reminds us that God’s reign, that is his control & influence, are just like a never-ending road. His reign goes beyond what we presently see or experience. It goes all the way into the future. It runs right through eternity. It doesn’t matter what curves and turns we meet in life God must be allowed to lead and steer us on a course of safety.

Every day the enemy attempts to push and batter us. Nonetheless God’s reign allows us to survive and navigates even the greatest attacks. God will lead us beyond what’s happening today. He will lead us into a powerful and dynamic future. He will lead us into a future that we could never enter alone.

This week lets make an unwavering commitment to accept God’s reign afresh in our lives. His plans & purpose for us are full of future and hope. God will securely take us forward on life’s path if we allow him. We will go beyond our current circumstance and, before we know it, we’ll be racing along life’s road again filled with faith and hope.