My Need…

“Ask of Me, and I will give the nations for you to own”
Psalm 2:8

Have you ever seen a child in a supermarket that asks for everything they see? If it’s in front of their eyes their hand reaches out and you instantly hear “Can I have that?” We’ve all experienced this at one time or another.

Today’s verse reminds us that God can give us the nations of the Earth… if we ask for them. The problem is, as we get older, we tend to ask less. We find ourselves becoming self sufficient instead of God supplied. God says, if we want something, then we ask Him for it! Then we keep walking in His ways, obeying His Word & fellowshipping with each other until we obtain it.

God can give us something as enormous as the Nations. So let’s think about what our actual needs are today. Our needs are smaller than the Nations that God is willing to give us so lets ask Him for what we need. Then as we pursue Him along life’s path we’ll receive them.

This week let’s come before God and ask Him for what we need. Let’s remember that nothing is too big or too small for Him. He is concerned about what concerns us, so lets ask Him for them now. Then we’ll keep obeying His Word and walking in His ways. Before long we’ll have what we need and we’ll be in a better place than we ever expected.