Merry Medicine…

A merry heart makes well, like medicine”
Proverbs 17:22

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array of products we see when entering a pharmacy. Each item promises the good things that it can do for us. The selection is often so great that we need assistance to select even a simple treatment.

Today’s verse helps us select what is best for us. It says a merry heart or simply a heart that is joyful, glad & rejoicing, heals like a medicine. So many people will take medicine for ailments but few will ever apply a merry heart to their life to make it well. 

God made us in His own image and He knows exactly what will assist our health the most. Medication holds an important place but so too does a merry heart. The Bible says a merry heart works inside us to help our health to return. That’s why we shouldn’t hide our merriment instead we should use it to work what God intended – well-being.

This week let’s use our merry hearts to make ourselves well. Let’s pick an area of life, one that isn’t thriving like it should, and allow our joy, gladness and rejoicing to overflow through it. Like a medication it will get inside the problem, causing wellness to return and victory to be obtained.