Who You Hanging With…

“Don’t be fooled… for “bad company corrupts good character” 
1 Corinthians 15:33

It always amazes me how quickly rot spreads through a fruit bowl. One piece of fruit goes off and before long every piece that it touches is affected. Left alone all the fruit goes off. The only solution is to throw it out and clean up.

Today’s verse lets us know that relationships act like this bowl of fruit. If we have close relationship with people who are a bad influence, then before long, they’re going to affect our good character. This doesn’t happen instantly but the longer we stay together the more tainted our character becomes. The rot begins and then the rot sets in. This verse also tells us not to be fooled when this happens. 

Often people trick themselves, believing that they’re strong and can be the “good influence” on a bad group of people. They draw close only to find that they’ve become rotten too.  Now their life has begun to stink where it used to be so sweet. It is vital that we guard & protect our closest & most intimate to ensure that we have a healthy & protected core. When we have a healthy core we can reach out to help others in need.

This week let’s check over our “fruit bowl” of relationships. Let’s ensure that the people who are closest to us are the best influences we can find. When we choose people of good character we develop & grow quickly in God. Having these good people around us also ensures that when others look to us for help, we’ll produce the very best we have!