Our Praise…

“Let all that I am praise the LORD; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name”
Psalm 103:1

We love buying gifts to bless people. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the right item, other times it can be relatively easy. When we find what’s needed, we often say “This gift will be perfect for so & so – it’s so them!”

Today’s verse tells us about the right kind of gift for God. Our desire to praise Him with everything is the right gift. Praising him through our body, soul & spirit. Praising Him with our heart, will, affections & emotions. Praising Him with our relationships, finances & all that we have. God is worthy of ALL our gifts of praise.

We are designed to praise & bless God in this way. As we praise Him with our whole being, we’re ensured that He remains the central & pivotal focus of our lives. Praising Him this way also leads us to all the wonderful benefits that are listed in Psalm 103.

So, this week let’s ensure we give God the gift that He desires, the gift we were designed to give Him. Let’s praise Him with ALL that we are. Let’s use everything we have to praise His holy name. Let’s never allow others to limit the level of our praise instead let’s release everything we have to God. As we do this, we connect back with Him. Then as we continue, we’ll be remembering ALL the marvellous benefits He has for us!