Picking You…

Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God shows no favouritism”
Acts 10:34

Often times at school there were lively disputes as sporting teams were selected. The favourite kids were snapped up quickly while others were the last & often-time reluctant choice of the captains. This painful selection continued until every team was full.

Today’s verse lets us know that God doesn’t operate this way. He shows no favouritism between believers. What He offers to one is available to every other. Acts 10:35 gives us the key that God uses to accept us. It says that God will accept from every nation those who fear him and do what is right. This is God’s way, never favouritism.

Isn’t it liberating to know that when we reverence God and follow His Word, we’re accepted just like other believers. God doesn’t care where we’re born, how smart we are, how gifted or rich we become. He is interested in our heart attitude towards Him – nothing else.

This week let’s release ourselves from the bondage of favouritism. Rather than seeking man’s approval in life let’s seek Gods. Let’s take some extra time to reverence Him in word, thought & deed remembering to do things His way. Before long what man thinks will mean nothing because we will be God’s friends. He will start using us to carry out great exploits in the Nations and life will become very exciting.