Get The Best…

“If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land”
Isaiah 1:19

There are always so many choices in life. When we need something, we often discover that there’s a selection between either good, better or best. We would always like to choose the best but sometimes it can seem a little out of reach and so we quickly settle for the good instead – which is always better than nothing.

Today’s verse lets us know how we can get the best each and every time. It says that when we’re willing and obedient to God’s Word we WILL (not might) eat the best of the land and not the worst. This means that we won’t have to settle for good or better any longer. We can jump right to the best just by applying this verse to our lives.

Now, what we’ve got to do is surrender our will & obey through our actions whatever the Word of God says. When we continually do this, we’re destined to receive the best of everything that is on offer and never the worst.

This week let’s get started by surrendering our wills and obeying through our actions what we read in the Word of God. This will activate our promise and we will begin to eat the best from the land. As this becomes a living truth in our lives let’s share it with other folk and help them on their journey. Remember, the best of the land is obtained by being willing and obedient to the Word of God!