Wise People Build…

“Every one who hears my teachings and acts upon them is like a wise man who builds his house upon rock” 
Matthew 7:24

It always fascinates to me to watch a building being built. Methodically each piece is placed in its correct position and before long an empty block becomes a great building. It has taken a lot of work, skill and wisdom to accomplish this amazing task.

Today’s verse tells us that wise people will build. The wisdom to do this is gained simply by hearing & acting on the Word of God. The 2 vital elements of hearing & acting on God’s Word, form the rock-solid foundation that ensures lasting results from whatever we’re creating.

It takes effort to build. The last thing we desire is for it to be knocked over or easily destroyed. The foundation becomes extremely important in making any structure sound. That’s why we build on rock and not moving sand. The right foundation ensures that everything will last even through life’s most powerful storms.

This week let’s remember that every person leaves behind something. So why not leave something that’s guaranteed to last. Let’s be wise by building our lives & families on the Word of God. As we hear & act upon it we’ll become stronger each and every day. The foundation of our family will become rock solid and immovable. It will cause us to leave a greater legacy that’ll be able to bless the generations ahead.