Rising Up…

“Rise up and shine, for your light has come. The shining-greatness of the Lord has risen upon you” 
Isaiah 60:1

It has always fascinated me how raw milk separates when it’s left to stand. What looks like one liquid slowly forms into two separate layers. The milk stays below as the cream rises up to the top. The richest part of the milk rises above the rest.

Today’s verse teaches us to be willing to rise above things as well. It explains that as we rise up & shine, that is as we rise above our circumstances, we will be glorifying God and everything He has done in our lives. Just like cream rises above milk so too God’s greatness rises up in our lives causing us to be victorious.

There’s a very good reason for us to rise up. It is that Jesus has come and He is the light of the world. This was the greatest gift that God could give humanity. Jesus gave us the ability to rise above every circumstance and obtain victory. Now that Jesus has done His part, we must do our part, and rise up shining His glory.This week it’s time for action. Let’s schedule a little extra time to glorify God and the mighty work of Jesus at Calvary. Just like the cream rising above milk we’ll be empowered to rise above life’s trials and obtain victory & success. Before long we’ll each be shining His greatness like never before and life will be on a solid course to victory.