Be Calm…

“The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”
Exodus 14:14

When life’s pressures mount and the road ahead seems more difficult than we planned it’s easy to start panicking and pushing our own solutions. We want the pressure to cease instantly and everything to be peaceful again. We often discover that rushing didn’t offer the best solution.

Today’s verse holds a powerful key to a successful future. It’s a timely reminder that we should always rely upon the Lord no matter what surrounds us, pursues us or threatens us. Whatever it is, it hasn’t taken God by surprise. Rather, He saw it coming and has initiated a plan to bring us through.

Now to enter into this promise we need 2 vital things. Firstly, we must know that God is fighting for us. Many believers think that God is angry with them or is against them but the truth is He loves us and is fighting for us. Secondly, we must remain calm. God is the source of true peace and He gives it to us. So, let’s take hold of it in these testing times and allow it to deliver calmness to the soul. 

This week let’s be strong by remaining calm. If pressure builds and relief is needed let’s remind ourselves that our God is fighting for us. Not only that, He has also provided peace to calm our soul. We are on the winning side so let’s stay calm and act like it.