Climbing Steps…

“The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way”
Psalm 37:23

You may already know that climbing steps is an excellent way to exercise. We are full of energy as we start off at the bottom but as we continue climbing, we quickly discover that each step becomes a little more difficult. By the time we near the top we feel like we can’t take another step. After resting a little we realize we can do it and we finish our climb.

Today’s verse reminds us about steps and here’s the key to it. We can’t get to the top step until we have taken all the steps that lay before it. We may be able to take giant steps missing one or two but we can’t get from the first step to the last in one giant leap. The steps of a righteous man are laid before us to climb, and climb them we must!

This verse isn’t talking about steps along level ground. The truth is that every step a righteous man takes us upwards as well as forwards. These are the steps that take us to our future. They must be climbed to get to our destination and reach our promise in God.

This week let’s climb the steps that God has placed before us. As we do, we’re told that God delights, or is pleased, with what we’re doing. Sure, it’s hard work climbing steps but remember that even if it seems impossible, we can conquer each step as God delights in our progress. Come climbing the steps of God with us this week – you’ll be glad you did!